We Stand Together in Patriotism

We Stand Together in Patriotism

The face masks that are now a common sight to see, really communicate the concern of Americans for the well-being and safety of others. We find ourselves with a new meaning for the symbol that are face masks. They represent true patriotism as we watch out for our fellow Americans, especially for our heroes at the front line of this public health issue.


This year, we will gather for the 4th of July with evermore patriotism. The certainty of our patriotism is what grounds us and even when challenged, helps us grow stronger!


Face masks are no dull symbol. They were born to bleed the Red, White and Blue! That is exactly why here at FlagShirt.com we devised a plan to bring light to the patriotism that lives in the hearts of all true Americans. All in an effort to do right by our valued Americans, 10% of the proceeds from our American Flag face masks will be donated to the First Responders Children’s Foundation. This honorable foundation allocates funds to both the children who have lost a parent in the line of duty and to families experiencing financial hardships due to the global pandemic. It is our way of showing our shared community that patriotism is very much persisting in tough times and we all have a part to play in helping our peers and our nation.


No matter the circumstances of the world, we can and still will celebrate the 4th of July with a great deal of patriotism. We celebrate for the strength of our unity as Americans and for the relentless devotion of our first responders!


It is also our best effort to support jobs here in the USA and products Made in the USA. That is why as a part of our new Made in the USA collection we will also include American Flag face masks that are exclusively Made in the USA! We want to bridge the gap between securing health and safety precautions to that of still voicing out your patriotic message. Our American Flag face masks do exactly that!

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