What are 4th of July Decorations You Can Make at Home?
What are July 4th Decorations? Here are Some Great Ideas!

What are July 4th Decorations? Here are Some Great Ideas!

Are you hosting a party for the 4th of July? What are 4th of July decorations you’re thinking about putting up? Whether you plan on having an intimate get-together with close friends or a large celebration, it’s important to invest in the right decorations.

Red and blue streamers, tiny American flags and flower arrangements could all take your 4th of July party to the next level. The best part about Independence Day decorations is that you can make a lot of them on your own. You could even make creating 4th of July decorations a fun family project. Below we’ll take a look at several Independence Day decoration ideas to get you started.

Red, white and blue streamers

Nothing says it’s a July 4th party like streamers. Red, white and blue streamers are inexpensive, easy to find and easy to install. Simply visit your local party store and pick up enough streamers to hang in multiple places. Be sure to grab some extras just in case you run out.

Finding the perfect spot to hang streamers can sometimes be challenging. Hanging streamers along windows and doorways is always a good idea. You could also hang them from the ceiling with balloons attached to the ends. Try not to go overboard, as too many streamers could distract from your other decorations.

4th of July-themed table cloth

Everyone is going to visit the snack table at one point during your 4th of July celebration. Choose a thematic tablecloth or plastic cover to protect your table. A white tablecloth with an American flag skirt works well with most 4th of July decorations. You could also go with a tablecloth that features red, white and blue stars.

4th of July Mason jar lights

If you plan on carrying your Independence Day celebration into the night, consider making some American flag Mason jar lights. Place these lights on your outdoor tables for your guests to enjoy after the sun goes down. Fourth of July Mason jars are extremely easy to make, so have your family work on them together.

All you’ll need are a few Mason jars, tape, paper, small LED lights and scissors. Online, you can find many America-themed Mason jar covers. Simply print these out and cut them to the right size for your Mason jars. Wrap the printed covers around your Mason jars and tape them at the top and bottom. Finally, place the LED lights inside.

American planter stakes

While it’s important to properly decorate the inside of your home, be sure to spend some time decorating the yard as well. People will want to stay in the July 4th spirit while waiting for the burgers and hot dogs to finish cooking.

Consider decorating your planters with red, white and blue stakes. You can easily find stakes in the shapes of American flags, hearts and stars. Simply placing a few small American flags in your planters could work just as well.

Decorate your food

Everyone loves food that’s on theme. Consider placing a few decorations on your cupcakes and other desserts. Purchase tiny, edible American flags and similar decorations from your local bakery or grocery store. American flag toothpicks are also a great option. Place these toothpicks on the end of your snack table for convenience, or stick them in the tops of hamburgers and hot dogs.

Create the perfect entryway

Let your guests know it’s time to celebrate Independence Day by decorating the outside of your door. Hang streamers around the doorway and secure a red, white and blue wreath to the center. You could also hang a large banner on your porch that reads, “Happy 4th of July.”

Get together as a family and make some red, white and blue stars out of construction paper to hang on your door. The right doorway decorations can put almost anyone in a patriotic mood.

Don’t forget to decorate yourself!

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