What Do Americans Think of the US Flag?

What Do Americans Think of the US Flag?

The American flag is a patriotic symbol that’s officially been in use since 1777. It’s a symbol that often causes Americans to pause and reflect on what it means to be a citizen of this great country. However, the flag of the United States of America doesn’t mean the same thing for every individual. And, as Americans, we’re allowed to have our individual views and express our personal viewpoints.

So, what do Americans think of the US flag?

72% of Americans Say the US Flag Makes Them Feel Proud

In a recent study conducted by YouGov, 72% of Americans in the survey state the American flag makes them feel proud. The results vary by age and race. The survey also asks questions such as whether they feel the American flag is associated with a political party and what they think of people who fly the American flag.

The American Flag Isn’t Always Associated with a Political Party

In the same study by YouGov, the poll creators asked participants whether they felt the American flag was associated with a political party. The majority of the participants, 34%, felt the American flag wasn’t affiliated with one party over another. As for those who felt the US flag had a political party affiliation, 31% felt it was associated with the Republicans while 18% of the participants associated the American flag with the Democrats. 

More People Flew the American Flag This Year

Another survey, this one conducted by CBS News, found that a greater number of Americans would fly the US flag this Fourth of July than last year. In fact, 63% of people in the poll said they would fly the American flag on Independence Day and 33% said they would not. In 2020, 53% of polled individuals said they would fly the American flag on the Fourth of July. 

The American Flag is a Symbol of Patriotism

Participants were asked in the YouGov survey what term comes to mind when they see people display the American flag and 62% said the term patriotic comes to mind. The American flag is flown to show patriotism and love for this country. As Americans, we have the right to view the US flag as we wish. For us, the American flag is a symbol of patriotism, honor, and respect for this country.

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