Why do We Love America? Let's Count the Patriotic Ways!
Why We Love America

Why We Love America

Every American has their reasons for loving America. From the tunes we play to the food we savor, there’s a great richness in the American way—and the freedom to live your life however you’d like. At times, we may overlook the artifacts that truly define our culture, but when asked what we love about America, we know immediately. We can name the things we’re grateful for.

Recently, we here at The Flag Shirt were asked this question and the answers came streaming through our minds more like experiences, rather than ideas or thoughts. We wanted to share them with all of you, as a way to remind each other about all the wonderful things there are in this country—and why we should never take them for granted.

Here are some of the reasons we love America.

The Natural Splendor of the Country

We love America for its natural beauty, from the Grand Canyons, to the Great Lakes. Every national park is a world in and of itself. There’s nothing more American than piling into the car as a family and taking a summertime road trip or charting an interstate course to a national landmark. From sea to shining sea, there’s a world of absolutely breathtaking sights to see—enough to fill a lifetime and beyond.

Sports, Competition and Athletics

We love America for its competitive spirit! We own the spotlight in sports: from the NFL to the MLB, to the NBA and the NHL. We consistently establish ourselves as fierce competitors in the Olympics and honestly, the same can be said about us off the field. Viewers from around the world tune in to see our sports teams go head-to-head, and many of our most beloved franchises have followers across the globe. Our sports stars are iconic.

Our Role as a World Leader and Steward

We lead in technology, in military, in music, in televised and streaming entertainment, and more. Let’s not forget that it was Americans that landed on the Moon first, too—Armstrong planted that American Flag on a new frontier. If that’s not enough, we even host an out-of-this world experience year-round at the likes of Disney World or Universal Studios. Simply put: America is a world leader and a global steward for so many innovations, accomplishments and achievements, across virtually every discipline.

The Patriotic Spirit That Lives Across the Land

July 4th fireworks and parades. A Memorial Day BBQ with family. A Veteran’s Day block party. These holidays bring out the best in our patriotic spirit and few celebrations on earth can rival them! Even outside of these major national holidays, there exists a patriotic spirit in American culture that’s unlike that of any other country in the world. We’re proud of our history and heritage, and we’re not afraid to show it.

The Convenience of a First-World Country

We’ve made America into the most convenient place on Earth! From drive-through fast food to on-demand delivery through an app on your phone, we’ve perfected the art of efficiency and made sure everyone can benefit from the finer things in life. We’re fortunate enough to want for very little in our country, and our emphasis on convenience has been a major driver of innovation the likes of which few other countries in the world can measure up to.

There’s no Shortage of Variety in the USA

We are masters in stand-up comedy and host the largest museums in the world, like the Smithsonian Museums. Come the first Sunday in February, we enjoy the one and only Super Bowl. Big box office hits come to movie theaters throughout the year. There are festivals, parades and music events every single month. Simply put: America is a place where stuff happens! No matter what draws your interest or piques your curiosity, there’s no shortage of variety in this country.  

We Love the Freedoms That Define Us

More than anything, we love America because it’s the land of the free! No matter who you are, what you believe, what you like or how you choose to live your life, you’re welcome here. People have the freedom to be themselves, which is what makes us all different, yet one in the same.

At The Flag Shirt, we could go on and on about all the reasons we love America. But instead of just listing reason after reason, we’ve made it our mission to help others enjoy the things we love so much. It’s why we offer American-themed apparel that’s made right here in the USA! Browse our store for yourself and pick out something that sparks your patriotic spirit!

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