Why We Love America

Why We Love America

Every American has their reason for loving America. From the tunes we play to the food we savor, there is a great richness in the American way. At times we may overlook the artifacts that truly define our culture, but when asked what we love about America, we know immediately.


Recently, we were asked this question and the answers came streaming through our minds more like experiences, rather than ideas or thoughts. We love America for its natural beauty. From the Grand Canyons, to the Great Lakes. Every national park is a world in and of itself. We love America for its limitless entertainment. We own the spotlight in sports. From the NFL to the MLB, to the NBA and the NHL. We consistently establish ourselves as fierce competitors in the Olympics and honestly, the same can be said about us off the field.


We lead in technology, in military, in music, in televised and now streaming entertainment. Let’s not forget that it was Americans that landed on the Moon first as Armstrong planted that American Flag on a new frontier. If that’s not enough, we even host an out-of-this world experience year round at Disney and from its parks to its movies, that name brings the same magic this nation breeds.


July 4th fireworks and parades. BBQ with our families enjoying the finer things in life. That Thanksgiving meal that sends you straight to sleep from stuffing yourself with turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, and to top it all off some pumpkin and apple pies.


We made America into the most convenient place on Earth! Too busy and would rather get your fair share of work done or spend the extra time enjoying your favorite leisure activity? No worries, we literally invented drive-throughs for basically everything. We are masters in stand-up comedy and host the largest museums in the world like the Smithsonian Museums. Come that first Sunday in February, we have the one and only Super Bowl Sunday. The most anticipated and sensational outing of the year. Imagine over 100 million people gathered in one place to witness some of the greatest athletes in the entire world, all while enjoying a cold beer and your choice of hot dogs, fries or nachos, and all in one venue. Even the Super Bowl advertisements are extremely entertaining as they are the hallmarks of some of the best short-storytelling out there.


More than anything, we love America because it is the land of the Free!


With that said, it is always our best effort to support jobs here in the USA and products Made in the USA. Our Made in the USA collection now also includes American Flag face coverings and face masks that are exclusively American made! We want to bridge the gap between securing health and safety precautions to that of still voicing out your patriotic message. Our American Flag face coverings and face masks do exactly that!

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