American Flag Etiquette

American Flag Etiquette

The American flag is a special emblem worthy of respect. As a proud American, there are certain things you need to know to avoid disrespecting this important symbol. Here are the main things to remember concerning American flag etiquette.

The flag should never touch the ground

One of the most important American flag etiquette rules is to never let it touch the ground. Letting the flag touch the ground is a sign of disrespect to all the brave men and women who have died preserving our way of life and the values we hold dear as a nation. This is general etiquette that is so basic every American should know it.

The flag should never be flown in darkness or upside down

Another basic part of flag etiquette is to never fly the flag in darkness. To fly the national emblem in darkness would be a disgrace so make sure the flag is properly illuminated from sundown to sun up with lamps or spotlights. If you are unable to properly light the flag, you will need to bring the flag down and properly fold it during times of darkness every day and replace it at sunrise. You should also avoid flying the flag upside down since this is a sign of a nation in distress or peril.

Never fly a flag with tears or holes

Making sure flags are in good condition is a big part of American flag etiquette. A flag with holes, tears, stains, or fading should be promptly replaced to maintain the dignity this symbol deserves at all times.

Never burn a flag except for retirement

While the First Amendment protects an American’s right to burn the flag in protest, doing so is a grave disrespect to the flag and the country. The only time you should burn the American flag is when you are performing a proper flag retirement ceremony for a flag that is old, faded, or in disarray in appearance.

Always display the flag above all others

When flying more than one flag, the American flag should be flown at a higher position than the rest. This is to show that your American identity comes before any other affiliation or institution you are associated with and shows the proper respect for the stars and stripes