How to Wash Patriotic Clothing

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When you finally find a flag shirt design that speaks to your patriotic side and perenniality, you want to make sure you give it the right care to last for years of enjoyment. Let's take a look at a few tips on how to wash patriotic clothing!

Read the label!

The single most important step in how to wash patriotic clothing is to read the label on your apparel. The label will tell you all the basics of how to properly care for your item. It will tell you what water temperature is best suited to the material, whether it is safe to put it in the dryer or if it needs line drying, and other suggested care standards. You should always follow the label to wash your clothes.

Wash with like colors

Another great tip to make your favorite patriotic clothing last longer and stay looking as nice as when you first bought them is to wash with similar colors. If you have washed your whites with a red sock and had to resort to wearing pink clothes, you know how important it is to sort your colors. Certain colors such as red, black, and dark blue can bleed and ruin your white flag t-shirt so it's best to always separate your colors before washing clothes.

Wash in cold water

Washing any type of clothing in cold water rather than hot water can help prolong the life of your apparel both in the color and material. Hot water can make ink and dyes run in the wash which is why some darker colored shirts start to look faded after too many washes in hot water. The material can also be impacted by hot water because heat makes some materials expand slightly over time so you will lose your fit. Unless otherwise noted on the care label, you should opt for a cold water wash over a hot wash.

Use the right cycle for the material

If the material or design is particularly sensitive in its care needs, the label will tell you to wash it on a delicate or gentle cycle, but otherwise the cycle will be left up to you for most clothing. When washing regular clothing such as t-shirts, you can use the normal cycle. For items such as polo shirts where you want to prevent wrinkles, a permanent press setting is ideal.