Materials Used in Our Products

When you shop for apparel, you want options made with trusted materials for a few reasons. For starters, you want comfort in every piece of apparel you wear. No one wants to wear material that is scratchy or hard to move in. Secondly, you want material that is long lasting while also being easy to care for in terms of washing instructions. Let's take a look at the materials used in our products to put your mind at ease while shopping with us.


One of the most common choices for materials used in our products is cotton. This all-American fashion staple is popular for a few reasons. For starters, it's one of the most comfortable options with a softness that just gets better over time. It is also easy to care for simple machine wash and dry instructions. Cotton is also very breathable which makes it lightweight and comfortable against the skin. Another benefit of this type of material is that it's long lasting. We use cotton in a variety of ways including our woven cotton which offers an improved longevity for more durability.


Another popular material we use is polyester. This material is great for giving a bit of stretch while also holding dyes and colors well over time. It's easy to care for and also offers a relatively wrinkle-free option making it ideal for polo shirts and more. Polyester is also breathable and soft against the skin for added appeal.


Other than cotton, denim is perhaps the most iconic material in the world of apparel. We offer options using this material for its long-lasting nature, classic visual appeal, and overall comfort. Best of all, denim is one of the most versatile in the world because it can have several shades or washes to make it even more unique and appealing. When you want to wear American flag cut shorts, denim is the only way to go.

Cotton polyester blend

Sometimes the materials used in our products are a blend, so you get the best of both in one great option. Our cotton and polyester blends are a great example of this notion. When you blend the two together, you get a material that offers the softness and breathability of cotton coupled with the more durable nature of polyester. This is a fairly common blend in the world of apparel and a favorite among consumers.