Patriotic Décor for Your Home

Patriotic Décor for Your Home

house with american flags

If you are a proud American, then you likely do more than just stand up for the flag and express yourself by wearing one of our flag shirts. You likely also have patriotic décor for your home. However, if you don't, we have a great list to get you started so you can proudly see the Red, White, and Blue in every area of your life.

Patriotic décor for your home can be as simple and subtle or as in your face as you want it. Our suggestions are a combination of the two so you can find the best fit for your tastes and style.

  • An outdoor flag. Obviously, the best way to pay tribute to the USA is by having a flag fly outside your house. Even if you do not happen to have the largest flagpole in the neighborhood, there are several differently sized flags that can be flown. Even miniature stick flags are a great option to put on top of your mailbox or line your yard with. Just make sure you follow the proper flag code when it comes to flying the flag, and make sure to take it in if it rains or gets dark, as well as ensure that the flag is in good condition. If it's not, you'll need to replace it immediately, as it is not proper flag code to fly a torn or tattered flag.
  • Red, white, and blue flowers. Your front lawn can show all the colors of your nation, in a tasteful subtle way. Most people have a small flower garden in their front yard where they are able to add different plants and flowers, and create their little landscaping project. This is the perfect opportunity for you to use red, white, and blue flowers throughout. You can do sections making it more obvious it is a tribute to the flag or you can intersperse it throughout, and have the colors mix together beautifully.
  • Couch cushions. Whether you have an outdoor couch that you want to decorate or your indoor one, you can easily add cushions and pillows to match. If you have a couch that happens to be white, adding red and blue or even flag pillows and cushions can be a wonderful way to bring that patriotism into your house.
  • Wall art. Another great way to bring patriotism into a room, you can find wall art pieces that refer to the date our country was established or even a large print of the flag to take up a large portion of your wall. You can also fill picture frames with different prints and place them tastefully around the wall or on different tables throughout your house, things that say "sweet land of liberty" or "land of the free." In a white frame, these will add a touch of patriotism to any room, without being overwhelming or forcing the entire theme to be flags.
  • Wreaths. Having the red, white, and blue on your door is a wonderful way to share with everyone how patriotic you are. There are many DIY wreath ideas out there, or you can purchase one that is already made if that's more your style. From pretty materials to fun flowers, the wreath can be as extravagant or as simple as you wish.
  • Table staging. Staging a house is not just for those who are selling. Many people enjoy the beauty of a staged table, and try to emulate that in their own homes. What better way than adding some American flag plates or table linens, as well as beautiful touches of red, white, and blue. There are a variety of options available, or you can create your own centerpieces using flowers, ribbon, and your imagination.

If these ideas aren't enough for you, there's even more you can do! You can put patriotic décor for your home in literally any room, as long as you have the right color scheme. Indoors, outdoors, even the bathroom can get a touch of patriotism. These ideas work great not only for special occasions like the Fourth of July, but they also work for a year-round décor, something to remind you of how lucky we are in this country on a daily basis.