Patriotic Dessert Recipes

Patriotic Dessert Recipes

american flag pie

When the weather starts to heat up, you get closer to our favorite holiday. To us, there is nothing better than the Fourth of July, a holiday dedicated to celebrating the foundation of our country and our freedom. One of the best ways to celebrate properly is with some of our patriotic dessert recipes. If you've been struggling to find ideas, look no further.

  • Flag cake. If you're looking for something that is easy to whip up, this is definitely the way to go. Bake a sheet cake, any flavor works, and coat it in white frosting to cover all of the cake. Then add blueberries for the blue section, and make a couple red and white stripes using strawberries or raspberries, and you have yourself a patriotic cake that will taste even better than it looks!
  • Red, white and blue jello cups. You know what's always a classic favorite for a hot summer day? Jello. The best way to have it during this Fourth of July is representing the red, white, and blue. You'll need blue and red jello, plus whipped cream to make this delectable treat. First up, prepare the blue Jello according to the box directions, and while still warm, pour a small amount into a variety of plastic cups, however many you will be serving, and then allow to cool for several hours in the fridge. Do the same for the red Jello, in different plastic containers. When both are solidified, remove the blue cups from the fridge, add a thick layer of whipped cream in the middle, and then stack the red Jello on top for a red, white and blue treat that everyone is sure to enjoy.
  • Firecracker strawberries. You'll need white chocolate baking chips, melted down, as well as several fresh strawberries, washed, but with the tops on. Dip the strawberries in the white chocolate with a little bit of red still showing. Then sprinkle blue sprinkles on the bottom of the berry that is covered in chocolate. Set on wax paper, and allow to cool in the fridge before eating. Then, enjoy your perfect red, white, and blue treat that tastes delicious and looks even better.
  • Patriotic pretzels. For those who prefer a little bit of salty with their sweet, patriotic pretzel sticks are the answer. You'll need white chocolate baking chips melted down, pretzel sticks, and red and blue sprinkles. Dip the pretzel sticks into the white chocolate and coat with sprinkles then allow to cool on wax paper or drizzle the pretzels with the chocolate, add sprinkles, and allow to cool. These are fun and festive, and won't be too messy if you're serving kids.

With so many patriotic dessert recipes, it's really a matter of what you want to make for this holiday. Practically any dessert can be given a patriotic twist as long as it features red, white, and blue.