Printed vs. Embroidered Flag Clothing

Printed vs. Embroidered Flag Clothing

embroidered american flag

When choosing the right patriotic apparel for your wardrobe to express your American pride, there are plenty of styles on the market for this need. Since they are the two main options on the market, many people have questions about the differences between printed vs. embroidered flag clothing. Let's take a closer look at this matter!

The biggest differences in printed vs. embroidered flag clothing is the way they look and feel in appearance. A printed flag shirt is flat and smooth whereas an embroidered design is raised off the surface of the material and your fingers can feel it. The look is also a bit different because a print can encompass the entire shirt whereas an embroidered flag is smaller and usually more of a flag patch, although there are tees with larger patterns embroidered available. Another difference is that printing has more freedom in terms of creativity than embroidery. With print shirts, there can be multiple images overlapping, as well as distressed details whereas embroidery is typically just one design with few details beyond the coloring of the thread. Embroidery is also heavier in weight than printed images so it will usually be seen on heavier fabrics and options such as polo shirts more often than a typical lightweight cotton t-shirt.

The other big difference in printed vs. embroidered flag clothing is how they are created. Printed images on a tee shirt are usually created using screen printing, a method where ink is applied to a mesh screen to create the print on the shirt. Embroidered emblems are created using a needle and thread usually by a high-powered machine capable of doing the design more quickly and efficiently.

When choosing which one is right for you, it will mostly just come down to personal preference. A printed option is great on your favorite tees but an embroidered flag on a polo may be more appropriate for a specific occasion. Either way, there are plenty of options on the market to let you show your patriotic pride in style!