Ways the Flag is Disrespected

Ways the Flag is Disrespected

Ways the Flag is Disrespected

As an American, you understand the importance of the flag and why we hold it in such reverence. What you may not know is that you might be unknowingly disrespecting the flag on a regular basis. Here are the top 5 ways the flag is disrespected.

1. Marketing ploy

One of the biggest ways the flag is disrespected is when it is used as a marketing ploy on products to try to draw in consumers. An example of this would be beer companies placing the flag on their beer cans simply to remind Americans that drinking their beer is an American act. The flag shouldn’t be used as a gimmick or tactic to sell more beer.

2. Costumes

Another way the flag is disrespected is by people wearing it as a costume. When you dress up for Halloween or any holiday as an American flag, you may think you are showing patriotism, but you are actually making a mockery out of something which should be treated with the highest of respect. The flag stands for all the brave men and women who died to defend it so wearing it as a costume is disgraceful.

3. Beach towels

One of the less obvious ways the flag is disrespected can be seen in beach towels. A beach towel of the American flag isn’t necessarily disrespectful but laying it on the ground in the sand can be seen as such. To avoid any type of disrespect, drape the towel over your beach chair rather than putting it on the ground.

4. Improper care or attention

If a flag isn’t properly cared for, it is seen as a sign of disrespect. The matter of care is important for the flag to ensure it stays clean, free from holes or rips, and vibrant with no faded color. It is important to check your flag regularly for any signs of wear and tear and to clean it regularly.

5. Flown in darkness

The final way the flag is disrespected on a regular basis is flying it in darkness at night. A flag should only be flown in darkness when a nation is at distress. Flying a flag without proper lighting is a disgrace. It is better to bring the flag down at sundown and properly fold it until sunrise than to fly it in darkness.