Where the American Flag Should Be Flown

Where the American Flag Should Be Flown

House with an american flag

The American flag is an honored emblem of what makes our nation great. While the flag is always a favorite for any patriot, there are certain locations where the American flag should be flown in particular. Let's take a look at where the American flag should be flown for a closer look at this patriotic responsibility.

Government Buildings

When looking at where the American flag should be flown, government buildings are at the top of the list. Government buildings, such as city hall, courthouses, and tax collector offices, should display the red, white, and blue as part of their daily responsibility since these are locations designed to serve the various needs of American citizens while representing the nation in general.


Most schools, especially public schools K through 12th grade, as well as colleges, displays the American flag on campus. While a public school is a technically a government building through association, most colleges including private institutions, also choose to fly the red, white, and blue as a show of unity and respect to the nation.


Another common place to fly the American flag is at church. When a church flies their denominational flag such as the Methodist or Baptist flag, it's a sign of showing the community their denomination. When they fly the American flag, it shows the church is connected to American values and the congregation honors the nation. It is important to note that the American flag should be flown higher than the church flag out of respect to the red, white, and blue.


A common place you will see flags flown is at a parade. Whether for Fourth of July or Veteran's Day, the American flag is usually displayed either being carried by a leader of the parade to kick things off or on the floats or cars.


Many public parks also fly the red, white, and blue. As a community space for the public to enjoy with their families, a park is a great place to show patriotism and honor the nation with the flying of the flag.


While there is no rule that you must fly the flag, it's a great way to show patriotism in your neighborhood. Whether you fly the flag on a tall flagpole in the yard or a smaller flag on your porch, this is an easy and responsible way to show your parotitic side.